September, 2023

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The Medicine of your Voice & Inner Quest

The Medicine of Your Voice is a Transformational Voice Healing Process. The method has its roots in the Classical Indian Vocal Style called Dhrupad. I transformed some of the basic vocal exercises and developed new ones based on my personal experiences creating well being for my self. The Medicine of Your Voice is a step by step program for people who like to discover their voices and music, deepen their practice and musical skills and eventually learn how to guide others through the journey of voice, music and life. Through the experience of opening the voice we reconnect to the mystery of the heart. We learn to notice contracted feelings within our bodies and emotions and to transform them into expansion. We are practicing to be with our own truth and voice in all areas of our life. I found that the awareness that comes with this carries the medicine needed to be able to live a conscious live in surrender to the unknown and open to face our shadows in order to be light.


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September 7 (Donnerstag) - 11 (Montag)


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